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Unity Tactical

Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount

Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount

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Showcasing the Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount, the zenith in versatile optic mounting systems. Expertly crafted for tactical aficionados who demand fluid transitions between magnified and non-magnified optics. A quintessential addition for individuals who require an adaptable, high-performing mount.

Key Features: Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount

  • Elevated Sightline: Delivers an enhanced sightline, seamlessly aligning with standard-height sights and optics, ensuring an optimal sight picture and rapid target acquisition.
  • Fluid Flip-to-Center Mechanism: Enables swift transitioning between varying magnifications, adapting effortlessly to both close-quarter battles and extended-range engagements.
  • Robust Build: Constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum and topped with a hardcoat anodized finish, this mount stands resilient against rigorous use and challenging conditions.
  • User-centric Operation: The mount's design promotes effortless flipping of the magnifier to its desired or resting position as the situation demands.
  • Compact Profile: While ensuring stability and pinpoint accuracy of the mounted optic, the design also maintains a minimal footprint on the weapon system.
  • Universal Compatibility: While tailor-made for 30mm tubes, the OMNI design ensures compatibility with a vast range of magnifiers, making it a truly versatile mounting solution.

In the Box:

  • Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount
  • Necessary Mounting Hardware
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Information

Item Specifics:

  • Brand: Unity Tactical
  • Model: FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount
  • Compatibility: Universal fit for most magnifiers with 30mm tubes
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Finish: Hardcoat Anodized
  • Mounting: MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails
  • Design: Flip-to-Center (FTC)


Before committing to buy, it's essential to double-check weapon and optic compatibility. The Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount represents elite tactical gear; its deployment should be approached with knowledge and care.

Empower your optics game with the unparalleled versatility of the Unity Tactical FAST FTC OMNI Magnifier Mount. Invest in the best. Grab yours now!

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